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Eli Weinstock-Herman (Tarwn)
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How to Measure Anything: Finding the Value of Intangibles in Business
Continuous Delivery


As part of my endeavor to continue improving my knowledge and experience, I follow a number of blogs and read articles posted on those blogs and on twitter. Each morning I set aside time to read 3-5 articles covering a variety of topics that interest me. Many of these names show up in my Delicious bookmarks as well. As part of my ongoing improvement process I have also started writing semi-regularly for the blogs on

My Articles

These are the last three articles I published at LessThanDot.

Delicious Bookmarks

Last 10 articles I bookmarked:
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Daily Reading List

These are the URLS for feeds I read on a regular basis.


This category includes software, systems, IT, business, and Enterprise architecture topics.


Understanding the viewpoint of an IT executive is important for anyone that will work in an IT department or consult with one. It is doubly important if one is considering it as a potential future role.

Leadership, Management, and Human Resourcing

A small but growing category of blogs that represents another interest of mine, even if I happen to be in a non-lead role currently.


Several blogs on marketing, branding, and blogging.

Process Improvement - Lean and Agile

Lean and Agile both provide methods and tools for improving our processes and transforming our environments and businesses to provide more value for less cost. My interests in both range far afield from implementation in IT environments.



Project Management

Project Management topics, mostly from the eyes of people in the software development industry.

Software Development

There had to be a few, right? I don't have many Software Development links because I tend to read about Software Development topics in a deep fashion (ie, specific search topics), rather than a broad one.

Misc Subjects

I don't track feeds by subject until I have a few in the given subject, so these have fallen into a misc RSS folder until then.