Eli Weinstock-Herman

Enable success, Empower people, Solve Problems

Along the way I have built websites, rolled out distributed cloud architectures, managed databases, herded servers, built test suites, and hacked on scripts for Cisco switches. I've worked on software for nuclear reactors, wine corks, banking, intranets, and more.

Sometimes it's just me, banging away at the keyboard, other times I'm growing and supporting the team that's performing the real work, but either way, the best days are the ones when we help our customers and teammates succeed.

Management, Process, and So On

Years ago I had a manager tell me to step up and take on anything that needed doing, without waiting for someone to ask me to do it first. Somehow that led to a "developer" leading global initiatives, starting an IT Steering Committee, and a dozen other projects. I read widely, study organizations and cultures around me, and even when my role is more development focused, have had the luck to be able to take on and learn from a bunch of great organizational challenges.

Technical background

The Web: I've spent a lot of time on the web, working actively with Classic ASP and PHP in the days when IE 6 was hailed as the best thing to happen to the web and AJAX didn't have a name yet. Since those days, I've worked for short or long periods with even more PHP, JSP, and ASP.Net from 2002 forward, going through Web Forms to MVC to, these days, mostly APIs, static pages, and Javascript frameworks.

The Backend: I've been an accidental DBA for MS SQL Server, but have lost some of my edge more recently. This shift to technologies like cloud databases and utilizing file stores and other non-database stores have stolen some of my attention.

The Cloud: The past 4-5 years have been amazing, as distributed systems and cloud environments have continued to grow in acceptance and capabilities. As we rapidly increase usage of technologies like microservices and granular functions running in the cloud, it will be interesting to see what happens to the systems sitting 4 abstractions below them end up evolving into.

Delivery: The code we write has no value until we can actually ship it to a real customer. I've worked with several build systems, test automation suites, and task tracking software products, weaving them together to find ways to help us ship faster, more frequently, with lower friction, and higher developer, manager, and auditor happiness.

More to come

This website redesign has been a 7-8 hour project I didn't actually plan on working on today, so more interesting content coming soon. In the meantime, here's a picture of 2003: