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ASP.Net – Ensure your Actions aren’t missing Authorization with Unit Tests

Original post blogged on Fri, Apr 08 2016 at

Have you ever found yourself working on an Action and noticed there isn’t a single Authorization attribute in sight? Or gone to edit an endpoint in WebAPI, only to realize you took a coffee break at exactly the wrong time and forgot to come back and add the authorization attribute…a month ago? Or the time you found an MVC endpoint with WebAPI Authorization attributes on it?

While relying on code reviews and regular reminders to the team can reduce occurrences of this, we’re human and can only catch so much. Instead, it would be nice if a warning popped up b...

MVVM – The User as an Asynchronous API (w/ Knockout)

Original post blogged on Fri, Mar 18 2016 at

Early into development of a fairly large modular SPA, we found ourselves needing to ask the user a series of complex questions during a complex chain of business logic. We built a quick little ViewModel and template to display to the user, added some assignable callbacks that it would generate buttons for, and called it good.

Except it wasn’t.

The first issue we ran into was the difficulty in writing tests around this already incredibly complex business case and trying to fake expected user interaction with the callbacks. The next issue was how difficult it was for the n...

MVVM Validation with KnockoutJS – Don’t put it in the View/HTML

Original post blogged on Wed, Mar 02 2016 at

When it comes to input validation for rich websites and Single Page Applications, a lot of the patterns out there rely on markup in the HTML/View. This works OK for smaller applications, but is terrible for larger applications that expect to be maintained and extended over time.

In the past couple years I have used Knockout on sites ranging from toy size (the SQL Azure post) up to a large modular SPA rewrite of a Silv...

Duplicating LessThanDot on a Vagrant VM

Original post blogged on Fri, Jan 08 2016 at

Setting up a development environment for LessThanDot is kind of tricky, where “tricky” is defined somewhere between “I have PHP on my Windows box” and “at least I’m running it in a version of Apache”. Recently I realized I had misplaced my local development environment somewhere and needed a way to make some changes.

Have a problem once? Solve it. Have a problem a second time? Automate it.

So, using Vagrant, I created a series of configurations and scripts that can create a duplicate of our prod...

How I Hire Developers

Original post blogged on Sat, Dec 19 2015 at

I’ll start by saying I’m not an expert on this topic. This has worked for us but is not guaranteed to be either the best answer or perfect for your environment. We have evolved our hiring process over the course of 3.5 years, starting when I first got into the role and was rebuilding a team from 1 remaining developer to a solid core of 4 developers, and continuing a few years later through a one year period where we quadrupled the team without killing the culture or lowering standards.

We have our challenges. We look for great developers that meet our core values, contin...