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Duplicating LessThanDot on a Vagrant VM

Original post blogged on Fri, Jan 08 2016 at

Setting up a development environment for LessThanDot is kind of tricky, where “tricky” is defined somewhere between “I have PHP on my Windows box” and “at least I’m running it in a version of Apache”. Recently I realized I had misplaced my local development environment somewhere and needed a way to make some changes.

Have a problem once? Solve it. Have a problem a second time? Automate it.

So, using Vagrant, I created a series of configurations and scripts that can create a duplicate of our prod...

How I Hire Developers

Original post blogged on Sat, Dec 19 2015 at

I’ll start by saying I’m not an expert on this topic. This has worked for us but is not guaranteed to be either the best answer or perfect for your environment. We have evolved our hiring process over the course of 3.5 years, starting when I first got into the role and was rebuilding a team from 1 remaining developer to a solid core of 4 developers, and continuing a few years later through a one year period where we quadrupled the team without killing the culture or lowering standards.

We have our challenges. We look for great developers that meet our core values, contin...

Distributed Storage: How SQL Azure Replicas Work

Original post blogged on Wed, Nov 18 2015 at

One of the benefits of Microsoft SQL Azure over an on-premises or VM installation is built-in resiliency. In a typical on-premises/VM installation your database lives on a single server, with all the single points of failure that brings to mind. SQL Azure, on the other hand, always has 3 or more replicas assigned for each database. This allows it to weather issues like network glitches and commodity hardware failures with no administration and little to no downtime.

Finding good, detailed articles about this has been difficult. Here’s a couple I found:

Real World Azure: Lease Container bug in Azure Storage API

Original post blogged on Mon, Nov 16 2015 at

Recently we’ve been working with the raw Azure Storage API to try and get to a more stable solution then the far more aggressively changing Azure Storage SDK. One of the goals is to be able to work equally well locally, against the emulator, and in production. We’re used to cases where the Emulator diverges from production or the documentation, but recently we found a case where the emulator and documentation match, but the production services appear to be wrong.

The prior “real world azure” post (September 2013) was a

Compiled list of C# + .Net Features

Original post blogged on Mon, Sep 07 2015 at

We have talked about doing this at work for a while, so I finally sat down this weekend and tried to make a list of C# features that the team could share. We intend to use this to help gauge who the best people are to ask questions in different areas (C# isn’t our only list) as well as a list of things to learn when you’re bored (after crossing off all the ones you know). I added in some of the .Net framework features to round the list off.

Based on their relevance in our team, I left some grouped together (like unsafe code and WPF) and broke others into details (ASP.Net)...