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Threadsafe Incrementing in C#

Original post blogged on Wed, Jul 02 2014 at

Recently I’ve had the opportunity to review a number of different parallel C# methods that were performing work over a collection of items. Nearly all of them have used ++ to increment parent or global variables from inside threaded contexts. Unfortunately the ++ operator is not guaranteed to be threadsafe in C#.

So let’s take a simple code example using ++ and convert it to a threadsafe one.


What does “good at C#” mean?

Original post blogged on Fri, Jun 20 2014 at

I’m currently trying to quantify what it means to be good at a variety of technologies that we use day to day. Some I’ve put some thought into before (What does a Web Developer need to know?), but some are proving to be more difficult.

Here’s my goal: I’m working with my team to build some tools that we can use to identify our skill levels, provide guideposts on how we can improve those skills, signs to indicate w...

Automated Deployment to Azure Hosted Services

Original post blogged on Tue, May 27 2014 at

Azure Hosted Services offers several really awesome features over using physical servers or standard VM infrastructure. Two of these are the staged deployment model and management SDK, which includes a powershell module. Using these two features, we are going to build a deployment script that deploys a new set of services (servers) in Azure, using a Virtual IP swap to replace the existing production instances only after the new deployment is fully running.

The goal of this post is to build a powershell script that will:

  • Upload a compiled Package to Azure Storage

Six (and a bit) years of LessThanDot, Visualized

Original post blogged on Mon, May 05 2014 at

I ran into a tool named Gource while searching for ways to visualize activity from my git repositories. Besides creating awesome visualizations from my code, it also has the capability to take custom logs for visualizations.

Which led me to think, what if I fed in blog posts from LessThanDot, using the primary categories in place of directory paths?