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Expanding an Existing Azure VM System Drive

Original post blogged on Fri, Apr 18 2014 at

I have an Azure VM that was created back when the C: drives had an 30GB size limitation (which leaves maybe 8GB after all the OS files, Windows updates, etc). This present a considerable challenge when I go to install something that has to be installed on the C: Drive, like Visual Studio 2013.

Finding a path from a 30GB primary drive to (anything larger) was a little rough, most of the information I found said you had delete the VM, download the drive, attach it to another VM as a secondary drive, extend it, then re-upload it and do some extra magic to make it usable as a primary dri...

Continuous Javascript Testing with Karma

Original post blogged on Thu, Apr 03 2014 at

I use a continuous testing tool named NCrunch for all of my .Net code. In fact, NCrunch has spoiled me so much that manually running tests is bordering on painful. I’ve gotten used to doing absolutely nothing and still having the latest build results, test results, code coverage, highlighted execution paths for failed tests, and little hover notices on each line that passed an exception. Make a change, magic happens. All coding should wo...

Combine Azure Storage Analytics Logs with Powershell

Original post blogged on Fri, Mar 14 2014 at

When you have Storage Analytics transaction logging turned on, it produces transaction log files for each service call you make to blob, table, or queue service. Unfortunately it captures these in multiple files per hour, stored in a folder hierarchy by service (blob, queue, table), year, month, day, and hour. Trying to dig through these files or combine them into a single excel file can be time consuming and, unfortunately, is one of the first things you will be asked if you submit a storage-related support ticket.

At some point, I created a powershell script to do the heavy lifti...

Azure Web Sites Deployment and Unit Testing

Original post blogged on Mon, Mar 10 2014 at

The automatic deployment option of Azure Web Sites is really cool and demos well. A few months ago I was curious how far I could push it, whether I could replace more complex projects that I currently deploy from my build server. I had read a couple posts on unit testing during deployment, but so far had not seen anyone take it all the way to interface testing. With tools like CassiniDev, Phantom, and Selenium, this seemed like a real possibility.

So the goal was to create an Azure Website, get the automated deployment working automatically when I commit, run Nunit tests with the Nun...

Unit Testing with Jasmine 2.0 and Require.JS

Original post blogged on Tue, Mar 04 2014 at

Jasmine 2.0 has changed how it loads and executes tests, using a boot script now to handle the details. If you try to plug some require() calls into the sample SpecRunner.html page, Jasmine will be done and finished before the require() statement loads the test modules and their dependencies.

The problem is that RequireJS loads the dependencies asynchronously, but the standard boot script for Jasmine runs when window.onload is called. So how do we fix it?